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Commercial       Property 
  • Review and ensure tenant's compliance to the Terms & Conditions on the lease

  • Lease negotiation and administration

  • Engage routine service providers and negotiate favorable agreements

  • Arrange repair and maintenance services as required

  • Collect rent and other collectible fee as per the lease agreement

  • Enforce and execute the terms in the lease 

  • Prepare annual budgets and capital expenditure for our client

  • Based on the approved budget, will adjust the share cost for the tenant as per the lease

  • Prepare and arrange Goods and Services Tax filing, if required

  • Prepare not only the monthly statement but also annual financial statement as per the client's fiscal year end

  • Communicate and cooperate with owner's accountant

  • and more...

  • Make the most efficient investment and maximize the value of the property Business Scope, Short-term rental and AirBnB business.

  •  Apply for tourism accommodation license, maintain and manage the booking system and advertisement.

  •  Daily operations, including guest docking, maintenance and cleaning

  • Determine the maximum rental value to obtain the highest return                                               

  • With years of industry experience, our team is very familiar with the housing market. Our property managers will conduct extensive research before we list your property, in order to determine the maximum rental value of the unit and obtain the highest return for your investment. 

  • Perform screening to    potential tenant with extensive credit authentication

  • We know the importance of finding a reliable and trustworthy tenant. Before finalizing the management agreement, we always run tenant credit checks, as well as verify their employment information / income source, to help us make an informed decision about finding the right tenant.

  • Arrange repair and maintenance services as required


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